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Lavender & Chamomile

Image of Lavender & Chamomile

Our Lavender & Chamomile is a very soothing lavender scent perfectly balanced by the subtle herbal smell of chamomile. It is a light and calming scent that is will be loved by everyone.

Aqua (Steamed distilled), Sodium Cocoate (Coconut Oil)*, Sustainable palm Oil, Sodium Olivate (Olive Oil), Avocado oil, Almond Oil, Ricinus communis (Castor) seed oil, Cocoa butter Micas and fragrance.

Wgt: 130 g

Each bar is hand cut, therefore the weights may vary slightly.

Make your soap last longer by keeping it dry between uses. Please use a soap dish that drains and keep it away from direct streams of water. Wooden soap dishes are available on our website which are made by hand by a local carpenter. He only uses reclaimed wood that was destine for the landfill.